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    • Friday, June 08, 2018
    • 09:00 - 17:30
    • 87 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, MA

    Colonial Society of Massachusetts
    2018 Graduate Student Forum
    87 Mount Vernon Street
    Friday  8 June 2018

    Session 1: Without Consent: Law and the Making of American Society   9 a.m.

    Sonia Tycko, Harvard,
    "Captured Consent: Bound Service and Freedom of Contract in the Seventeenth Century English Atlantic World"

    Kevin Murphy, SUNY Stony Brook,
    “Coercion and Sworn Bonds in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic”

     Franklin Sammons, UC Berkeley,
    "Finance, Law, and the Political Economy of Dispossession"

    Session 2: Face to Face and Far Away: Forming Communities in the Atlantic World   10:40 a.m.

    John Morton, Boston College,
    "To Settle the Frontier on Sober Principles: Power, Faith, and Nationality in the New England-Maritime Borderlands"

    G. Patrick O’Brien, University of South Carolina,
    “Gilded Misery”: Loyalist Women, the Community of Suffering in Halifax, and Repatriation, 1775-1790”

    Nicole Mahoney, University of Maryland,
    "Liberty, Gentility, and Dangerous Liaisons: French Culture and Polite Society in Early National America"

    Lunch Break:  Noon to 1:15

    Session 3: Mapping Empire and Resistance in the Atlantic World 1:30 to 2:40 p.m.

    Peter Pellizzari, Harvard,
    “Empire Reformed: British Imperial Policy from Tacky’s Revolt to the Boston Tea Party”

    Catherine Treesh, Yale,
    “Committees of Correspondence: Organizing and Mobilizing Resistance Communities in the American Revolution”

    3 pm  Reflections:

    Richard D. Brown, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of History emeritus, University of Connecticut

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